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R. Liberato Carioni 247
&Lagoa da Conceição- Village III
&88062-205 Florianópolis-SC

&R. Cristiano Brascher, 2080
&88504-302 Lages, SC

&Phone: +55 48 9901-0295
&Fax: +55 49 3251-1051

Choose a Scientific Eco-Tour to participate as volunteer:

• Look for tigers, elephants, and leopards in the jungles of Indonesia, Sumatra

• Look for jaguars and pumas in the Brazilian Rainforests

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About us

Projeto Puma is active since 1988, aiming the study and protection of wildlife, with special interest on the puma, jaguar and other large wild cats. It evolved into an NGO in 1993 so as to broaden its actions. Projeto Puma is included in the IUCN Cat Conservation Action Plan due to its research on felid-livestock interactions near human settlements, critical for the conservation of big cats.

Research is now directed towards finding key information that can be used to enhance survivalship of threatened wildlife populations inside and outside protected areas. Scientific Eco-Tours, field courses, habitat and High Conservation Value Forests (HCVF) evaluation have recently became mainstream activities of the organization.

We are based in southern Brazil, a region where immigrants from all over the world, but mainly from Germany and Italy, have made their home.

Our headquarter is based in the island of Florianópolis, a paradise with more than 40 white-sanded beaches, and according to UNESCO the only urban Biosphere Reserve in the planet.

Bridges connecting Florianópolis to mainland

In the town of Lages Projeto Puma has established a partnership with the local University 'University of the Tablelands (UNIPLAC)', maintaining a Laboratory of Ecology and lecturing advanced short courses ranging from Geographic Information System (GIS) to Wildlife Management, plus supervising student during their dissertations.

Downtown Lages (left) and University of the Tablelands (right)

Our mission is the conservation of nature through research and environmental education.

Main staff

Director General

  Dr. Marcelo Mazzolli
Earned a Ph.D. in Ecology in Brazil, and a M.Sc. degree in England. Has studied wild cats, mainly pumas, since 1988, and devised and conducted studies of jaguars, African lions, and Arabian leopards. more


Directors of Research and Conservation


Dr. Sergio Althoff
Specialist in bats, Dr. Sergio is a lecturer of zoology at the University of Blumenau (FURB).


  Dr. Mauricio E. Graipel
Has dedicated himself to the study of marsupials and rodents, publishing a number of relevant articles on ecology and study methods. He is based at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), in Florianópolis.

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