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Track jaguars, tigers and other endangered species

Participate in a true scientific expedition, with lots of fun, hiking, night walks, cooking, data analysis, and team work, with a purpose. All group ages, any background. Results generate technical reports and scientific publications. Join the next expedition!

Projeto Puma is a NGO active since 1993. It has organized more than 18 successful expeditions since 2005. It is partner of such companies as Biosphere Expeditions, Cybelle Planete and Diamir. The commitment to high quality environmental interpretation and to wildlife conservation offers the best wildlife and ecosystem understanding for participants. Such excellency has enabled the organization to periodically offer high education internships to international students.

Jaguar: Atlantic rainforest

Location: Sooretama Biological Reserve

Region: Atlantic rainforest, State of Espirito Santo

Country: Brazil


Jaguar: Amazon jungle

Location: Jamari National Forest

Region: Amazons, State of Rondônia

Country: Brazil


Tiger: Island of Sumatra

Location: Butik Tigapuluh National Park

Region: Central Sumatra

Country: Indonesia


Activities include : search jaguar and tiger signs in dense tropical forest trails in the company of experienced researchers visit wonderful natural places learn how to find your way in the forest using GPS and compass go into night walks to look for animals come along to install and check remote-triggered cameras that take pictures of wild animals safely enjoy the companionship of a selected group of people in a remote area organize information collected on tiger and jaguar ecology at the end of the day.

Organization briefing: Projeto Puma is a IUCN research partner, having organized over tenlong-duration expeditions since 2006. See 2010 report here. See also scientific production related to big-cat research in the Download item (left).

What specialists say about our expeditions:

Brilliant concept, great implementation and impressive follow up. I know of several similar initiatives that attempt to bring together science and tourism, but they usually start and end at the experience that tourists gain during the trip.

Koustubh Sharma
Snow Leopard Trust – India


I think it is really interesting that tangible things come from your program. Not only are you trying to conserve wildlife, but the people on your tours go out and write articles that inform the world about the endangered species. I really admire that you watch the animals in their natural habitats while observing their daily lives. The authenticity of your tour sounds absolutely incredible.

Erica Wertheim
EarthCare - US


I find your project interesting not only because I am personally interested in zoology and endangered species(it is my hobby), but also because your project involves so many activities. I especially enjoyed reading about those activities during which the tourists are personally involved in the conservation, data collection, etc. I consider this as the best way to educate people about the nature and enable them experience what it really takes to conserve it and take proper care of both the flora and fauna. This is the first time I have ever read about tourists being actually members of the team who analyzes the area and its problems and I think it is great.

Denisa Dockalova
Bohemian Switzerland Public Benefit Corporation - Czech Republic

This is a great idea because it takes the adventure-seeking tourist on an exciting expedition, and at the same time it helps protect endangered animals. The tourists are then able to become, as the organization states, “part of the research crew.”

Spokane River Forum - US

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