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Jacobinea carnea

Heliconia velloziana

Ananas sp.

Cleistes revoluta

The biodiversity of the areas we survey are so spectacular that we could not let it go unrecorded. This is a new page, built to give a sample of that biodiversity, so that those that like to appreciate it may delight their eyes. We also hope that specialists may identify species that are of their interest, and at the same time help us identify what we cannot. This will require some time and certainly a lot of help from specialists in the various groups. Meanwhile we'll be adding more species as we record them in the wild. Learn who are the specialists that have helped to identify the species shown below.

Warm-blooded vertebrates

Theristicus caudatus

Tigrisoma sp.

Phimosus infuscatus and Plegadis chihi (light gray)

Jacana jacana

White-necked Hawk
Leucopternis lacernulatus


Selenidera maculirostris

Penelope jacutinga

Cold-blooded vertebrates

Spilotes pullatus

Enyalius cf. iheringi

'Vine' snake
Chironius bicarinatus

Bufo ictericius

Fer-de-lance viper

Common tegu
Tupinambis teguixin

Invertebrates I

Blue Morpho
Morpho peleides

Invertebrates II

Monarch butterfly
Danaus plexippus

Red mangrove crab
Goniopsis cruentata

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