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November 22nd, 2013 - Diamir (Deutchland) is announcing its partnership with Projeto Puma in its webpage.

4th of October 2013 - Symposium in the University of the State of New York (SUNY) in Oswego. The symposium discussed the participation of SUNY students in the expeditions and in other foreign learning and research activities. Since 2012 SUNY Oswego students participate in the Projeto Puma expeditions with Global Laboratory schorlarships. They receive supervision to produce a poster to be presented back at their home country.

2nd of August 2012 - Expedition to Soortema Biological Reserve has ended and report will be soon available at the 'download' location.

19th Jan. 2012 - An article on recolonization of pumas in Brazil has been accepted by the Journal of Ecology and the Natural Environment from Academic Press. It shows how reduction in deforestation of Atlantic Forest has created conditions for pumas to recolonize vacant ranges. It is one of the few publications in the world to describe a natural recolonization event of a large felid at such a large scale. Available here.

18th Jan. 2012 - The Genomic and Molecular Biology lab of the PUCRS university in Brazil is analysing faecal samples from the Middle East, more precisely from Oman,for identification of mammal species. The crew is composed by Dr. Eduardo Eizirik, Dr. Taiana Haag, and undergraduate student Beatriz G. Lippert. Field work was accomplished in January 2011, when Dr. Marcelo Mazzolli spent one month surveying the Arabian leopard and sympatric mammals. A paper has already been published on the subject, in 2009, in the journal Zoology in the Middle East.

23th Sep. 2011 - Cooperation agreement signed with Cybelle Planète, a French-based organization, to conduct expeditions jointly.

What specialists say about
our expeditions:

Brilliant concept, great implementation and impressive follow up. I know of several similar initiatives that attempt to bring together science and tourism, but they usually start and end at the experience that tourists gain during the trip.

Koustubh Sharma
Snow Leopard Trust - India


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Expeditions for everyone

Conservation expedition in
the Atlantic Forest of Brazil

Jaguar expedition
Rainforests of Brazil, South America

Next expedition
13 - 22 of July 2015:

The Amazons

July 2016
The Atlantic Rainforest

Sumatran tiger expedition
Rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia
Scheduled according to number of applications

Activities: participate in research expeditions to track tigers (Indonesia) and jaguars (Brazil) • Help collect and organize data • Learn to navigate in the forest with Global Position System (GPS) and compass • Learn forest and animal ecology • Join and help local scientists and organizations

Scientific outcome: publications at local and international scientific journals with baseline information for habitat and species management, including Biotemas, Biodiversity and Conservation and Zoology in the Middle East. Participation in species' action plans.

Projeto Puma is supporting a network aimed to divulge and improve a new protocol for evaluation of areas with high conservation priority within forests managed for timber and non-timber products (High Conservation Value Forests- HCVF).

Research: Research on managed areas.

Services: Habitat evaluation • forest certification • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

Scientific outcome: Accepted publication at Environmental Management - Mosaics of exotic forest plantations and native forests as habitat for pumas HCVF reports.

Resource management
and forest certification

High Conservation Values (HCV) management
with community participation in the Amazons

Species' and landscape-
level management

Management Plan for Sassafrás Biological Station

Conservation and management guidelines should be proposed at local level, taking into account particular conditions of each region.

Projeto Puma evaluates and proposes actions for species and protect area management.

Services: Research design and monitoring of landscape change • Management plans for protected areas • Environmental Consultancy.

Scientific outcome: Scientific publications at local journals Biotemas and Natureza & Conservação.

Projeto Puma has actively participated in lecturing at both graduation and post-graduation level.

It has established, in partnership with the University of Tablelands (UNIPLAC), a post-graduate course in Sustainable Development and Environmental Management.

Services: Lecturing and elaboration of graduation and post-graduation courses.

Scientific outcome: Local scientific publications in partnership with students, new post-graduate course in Sustainable Development and Environmental Management.

Higher education

University in southern Brazil. See details at www.uniplac.net

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